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Laurent Thiebault

Engineering Manager
@ Decathlon

Currently, I am the Engineering Manager and Tech Lead of the Decathlon Design System.

I love learning new things every day, meeting enthusiasts, and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible.
Currently, I also freelance part-time to assist companies with topics related to web development & Design System.. Additionally, I provide free content on these subjects on my blog, my newsletter and my YouTube channel.

I am also passionate about Open Source and am always interested in working on new projects with new people.

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Engineering Manager / Design System Lead  @  Decathlon
March 2021 - Present
Responsible for implementing an evolving Design System that helps build consistent interfaces following the guidelines provided by designers.
Facilitate the adoption of the Design System and ensure the best outcome for stakeholders.
Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders (UX designers, product managers, marketing managers, and developers).
Frontend Development Mentor  @  OpenClassrooms (Freelance)
April 2021 - September 2023
Guide students by analyzing their needs and adapting your pedagogy accordingly.
Inspire by providing perspective on my profession and ensuring the maintenance of their motivation so that they give their best.
Monitor their progress and report any delays.
Engineering Manager / Tech Lead  @  Decathlon
January 2020 - March 2021
Support Front-End developers, recruit, improve individual and collective performance, and ensure the career progression of these engineers.
Carry the tech/architecture dimension and related roadmaps within product teams, leading expertise (technical debt management, security, quality, robustness, and performance).
Collaborate actively with Product Managers to ensure a shared understanding of the product roadmap within the Sport Leader Experience teams (commerce) and ensure its proper implementation in technical solutions.
Senior Frontend Engineer / Tech Lead  @  Decathlon
March 2019 - January 2020
Ensure the quality and performance of Front-End applications.
Actively contribute to communities of practice and participate in various recruitment processes.
Decathlon Front-end Community Leader on a complementary mission.
Frontend Engineer  @  Gens De Confiance
November 2018 - March 2019
Web: Creation of new components, new search page, onboarding process, and various features in React / Redux / Redux-Saga.
Mobile app: React Native development of new features: onboarding & swiper.
Excellent experience cut short due to a return to the Lille region for personal reasons.
Software Engineer  @  AXA
July 2018 - November 2018
Data Customer Tribe: Analysis and development of an RNVP address component in Vanilla JS. Health & Big Data Tribes: Development of a Nest.js, GraphQL & MongoDB API.
Health & Big Data Tribes: Development of a Nest.js, GraphQL & MongoDB API.
Excellent technical and human adventure with a break due to a move to the Nantes region.
Software Engineer  @  Norsys (Alternance)
April 2016 - June 2018
Client Decathlon: Expertise in development, training, and advice within the Tech And Talents team.
Client Domitys: Full-stack development interventions, industrialization, and deployment of "Online Quote" and "Investment Simulator" applications.
Client Imprimerie Nationale: Development of features and frontend AngularJS support for Emmanuel Macron's "Carte BTP" project.
Software Engineer  @  Norsys (CDD)
September 2015 - March 2016
Client Conseil Départemental 62: Development of a Drag'n Drop component in AngularJS.
Client Decathlon: Static web mockups for pre-sales.
Client Imprimerie Nationale: Proof of Concept and pre-sales for the "Air Quality Certificates" project.
Frontend R&D Trainee  @  Auchan (Stage)
October 2014 - January 2015
Learning the basics of JavaScript / AngularJS / Bootstrap and Spring MVC.
Development of a web application showcasing various features offered by AngularJS and Bootstrap.
Implementation of an HTML5 framework through custom AngularJS directives.


Master MIAGE in alternating work-study program (Valedictorian)  @  University of Lille
2016 - 2018
Bachelor in Computer Science (MIAGE track)  @  University of Lille
2015 - 2016
Diploma in Computer Science  @  University of Lille
2013 - 2015
Scientific Baccalaureate  @  Charlotte Perriand High School of Genech
2009 - 2012